Life Attracts Life

Besides the garden, we decided to add some hanging flowers to our yard on this, the inaugural year of the Kinky Hose Garden Project. Although our focus has been on the garden, we also dig flowers. Get it? Dig? Flowers? (Okay… Sorry about that one.) Anyway, we didn’t do anything special, just a few verbena pots to hang from the back porch and some daisies. Keep in mind that when we got the house, the back yard had weedy grass and one fledgling Redbud sapling. Now, just a few short weeks later, we have birds and worms finding their way into our yard.

Today, on Mothers Day of all days, we found this. While moving plants around for sun and rain, we found this little gift this morning. In one of the verbenas, was this robin’s nest with a little egg. We left the plant to hang in hopes of not disturbing the nest.

Photo May 10, 8 18 37 AM (1)

Then, we found this dude paying us a visit. He was very lively (for a worm), so we naturally named him Miley. Then we put him in the compost bin to feast.

Photo May 10, 8 19 28 AM

So… life attracts life. In time, we will transform our relatively barren landscape into a place filled with life… and attract more.


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