Applying Permaculture Principles to Gardening

I guess we put ours in Zone 2. I do visit the garden daily, however. Placement at the Kinky Hose Garden Project was made with the sun in mind, but this is a good article and food for thought.

Sustainable World Media

Permaculture Designer and Teacher Loren Luyendyk talks about the Permaculture principles of Relative Location and Efficient Energy Planning – Zone Planning as it relates to your home garden. Permaculture is a design system of tools and techniques that can be used to create long-term, regenerative human settlements. Permaculture can be applied to any field, including architecture, agriculture, psychology, building, and business. Permaculture offers us ethics (Earth Care, People Care, Fair Share) and principles that teach us how to work with nature and not against it.

Make your life easier and your garden healthier by good design. Planting your garden in Zone 1, close to your house, will contribute to your garden’s success. Many people make the mistake of planting their gardens in Zones 2, 3, or 4 which are much farther from the daily paths they take. Here’s a short summary of Zones. A good rule is that the more…

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