Natural Homemade Sprays to Control Garden Pests

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Glorious Gardens

Organic gardeners can control garden pest without the use of harmful pesticides. If your garden becomes infested, or if you just hate the sight of cabbage worms and other pests that ruin your plants and vegetables, these homemade sprays are safe for your garden, all natural, and environmentally friendly.

Hot Pepper Spray

hot peppers  Hot peppers can be used to make natural sprays that keep your garden pest free

What you need: One half cup hot peppers, two cups of water
Directions: Puree the hot peppers and water together in a blender and use cheesecloth to strain the mixture. Spray the underside of plant leaves where garden pest congregate. Apply every seven days to eliminate pests. Repels insects, also deters cats and dogs.

All-Purpose Spray

onion, garlic, red pepper Onion, garlic, and cayenne pepper makes an excellent all purpose spray for fighting garden pests

What you need: One small onion, one garlic bulb, one…

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